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Advances in Clinical Mass Spectrometry

Clinical applications of mass spectrometry continue to expand. Arguably, one of the most exciting areas where clinical mass spectrometry is making inroads is precision medicine and the transition from sick care to well care, through tracking of biomarkers that objectively measure wellness and the early onset of diseases. Running these high-quality assays on highly performant instruments to generate high value data is just the start of the story. The next clinically important step comes when those data are informed by the context of the system and the laboratory. Working with LC-MS/MS data provides a wealth of information about the instrument, the data, and the result. Bringing in knowledge from the steps which precede and follow that LC-MS/MS analysis, including other analytical techniques, provides a richer and more comprehensive perspective.

Join Clinical Lab Manager and our panel of experts as we discuss how clinical mass spectrometry is advancing the transition from detecting illness to quantifying wellness and how software tools and automation can accelerate results while also improving quality.
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Aaron Hudson
Vice President and General Manager of Global Marketing and Strategy
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Jim Edwards
Executive Vice President of Product Management
Indigo BioAutomation

As an attendee, you will learn more about:
  • Clinical mass spectrometry’s role in the future of precision medicine
  • LC-MS/MS data analysis
  • Thinking ‘beyond the batch’ to improve the impact of automation and accelerate the result, while also improving quality

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Advances in Clinical Mass Spectrometry

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